Today I welcome Charmain Gordon to the Beer Bar.

Liz, please pour me a half glass of Chardonnay and let’s begin. Any more will have me tap dancing on the bar. Really. Been there/Done that.

Um…sorry doll, but this here is a BEER BAR….so I'll have to say "have some of Ann Arbor's finest (tap water)"…And my manager guy Josh tolerates zero bar dancing, trust me. I've "been there/done that."

Tell us about yourself.

Charmaine Gordon is my name, in marriage, acting, and my latest career as an author. Too many names might muddy the water so I keep it simple.

Re: Women who survive and thrive. That’s my credo. Keep a sense of humor, take one step forward and move on. Otherwise you go slip sliding backwards and then where are you? In

After years of good daughter, faithful Air Force Wife and mother of too many, this caterpillar morphed into a butterfly and spread wings to fly into NYC. An actor friend suggested I was ready and needed a few classes in commercial acting. And I did, landing my first audition in an off Broadway Play as one of the two leads. What a kick! Then, after an interview with an agent who told me I was a woman of indeterminate age and limited resume and would never be cast with all the prominent actors vying for work, I left thinking, “Someone’s got to get the job so why not me?” With that attitude, and the fact that I didn’t expect to be a star, I booked walk on and under fives on daytime drama and sometimes background artist (extras). Cool and so much fun. And I became known as the actor who knew how to walk through swing doors and not let them continue to swing. A skill like no other.

Here’s a tidbit from the sweet time. In the movie Working Girl, I sang Happy Birthday to Melanie Griffith and carried the balloons. Mike Nichols selected me out of all the panting actors. During lunch break I first heard the phrase “Don’t speak to The Stars.” Hmm, I thought. Never shy, I sauntered over to Harrison Ford standing alone eating a hot dog at the unfinished World Trade Center Building  #7. Smiling, I said, “You were seriously sexy in Witness when you sang in the barn, “Don’t Know Much About History.”

Liz: I need another beer…hang on….(Love me some Harrison Ford)

He grinned his adorable lopsided grin and together we sang the song, shared the remainder of the hot dog and whirled around in the sunshine on a chilly spring morning.

Another sweet time happened at Lake Mohonk, a beautiful lodge upstate NY where Anthony Hopkins starred in a film being shot up there. I was booked for a month. The second day there, I sat in a corridor in costume waiting for my call and the man headed straight toward me. He stopped, put ou” his hand. “Tony here.” I introduced myself. “Let’s have lunch.” Next thing I knew, we were arm in arm entering a private dining room where the elite were dining on filet mignon, red roasted potatoes shaped like mushrooms and steamed spinach.

Liz: Hmmm….hopefully you guys skipped the fava beans and a nice Chianti….

I don’t know how these things happened but they did and that’s why I call my years of acting the sweet time.

Now I write and instead of instant gratification with applause, applause, I sit in my small cluttered office and  bring fictional characters to life.

 LIZ:  wowzer….well let's see the official bio

Bio: Charmaine Gordon writes books about women who Survive and Thrive.  Her motto is take one step and then another to leave your past behind and begin again. Six books and several short stories in three years, she’s always at work on the next story. The books include To Be Continued, Starting Over, Now What?, Reconstructing Charlie, Sin of Omission and The Catch. And a new series of Mature Romances about Sexy Seniors under the umbrella title The Beginning. . .Not The End.
“I didn’t realize at the time while working as an actor in NYC, I’d become a sponge soaking up dialogue, setting, and stage directions. I learned many tools of writing during the years watching directors like Mike Nichols and actors including Harrison Ford, Anthony Hopkins, and Billy Crystal. And would you believe, I was Geraldine Ferraro’s stand-in leg model, my first job giving me entrée into all the Unions needed to work. When the sweet time ended, I began another career and creative juices flowed.”

My latest release is titled She Didn’t Say No.


Another Mature Romance... with a twist!


Grace didn’t say no to the Big Man On Campus, Scott Dwyer. And then her life changed...
Grace makes her way to a new town and with the kindness of strangers, establishes a business called The Pet Emporium where she grooms , what else? Dogs and cats.
Years later, a too-close encounter of an unpleasant kind with a skunk and Scott’s German Shepherd reunites the former lovers.
What happens in between are their stories of beginnings and endings and love lost, then found.

Coming Soon in Audio!


Twitter @CharJGordon

Thanks, Liz and before I leave, another half glass of Chardonnay , please. It’s been fun visiting with you.

Oh heavens….people, I own a BEER BAR …. your chardonnays are down the street at the TGI Fridays, sorry!

BUT Charmaine is offering a free copy of her new book for the awesome-ist comment below….let us know what you think about her and her new book. I'm a total fan of this lady now!

But I must leave you with this visual:


  1. Charmaine Gordon  

    I'm happy to be here; happy I woke up this morning; not happy seeing more fat snow flakes falling. Let's have some fun today. Thanks for the delightful additions to the post, Liz.

  2. Chelle Cordero  

    Charmaine's incredible life-experiences weave their way into her stories to entertain us with the characters and situations she creates. She is a phenomenally young at heart lady and I love the glimpses into her life in this blog post.

  3. Charmaine Gordon  

    Chelle, one of my faves taking time out of a busy day to meet and greet. Thanks for the kind and oh so true comment. C to shining C

  4. Melissa Keir  

    The fun of working with and around those fabulous people. I can only dream!

    Your book sounds cute. Second chances are my favorites!

  5. Charmaine Gordon  

    Thanks for stopping by, Melissa. Show business is what I call the "sweet time" in my life far removed from day to day real life. She Didn't Say No is not what you might call cute like chick-lit. It's a journey where the heroine learns day by day how to live; a love story with a major twist.

  6. Molly Daniels  

    *Reaches out to touch Charmaine* I've been in love with Harrison Ford since the tender age of 12, and you danced with him? Soooooo jealous now....*sigh*

    Your book sounds wonderful:) Definitely going on the TBB list.

  7. Charmaine Gordon  

    Hi Molly, I'm so pleased you stopped by to say hi. My path crossed again with the delicious Mr. Ford in the movie Regarding Henry.I was a nurse, We didn't play doctor since he was a patient. Do check the array of books I've written in just a few years. Always writing and loving it.

  8. Molly Daniels  

    Regarding Henry is one of my faves:) I'd play doctor with him....and show him nurse's daughters are a lot of fun! ROFL:)

  9. Charmaine Gordon  

    Molly, I'm planning to write to Harrison and tell him about a certain nurses daughter who wants to play. His wife may not approve but he'll have a crooked smile on his face, I'm sure.

  10. Molly Daniels  

    I like Calista, but damn it, he was MINE first!

  11. Charmaine Gordon  

    Mine, Molly. I'm older and that counts big time.

  12. Angela Kay Austin  

    Really nice interview.

  13. Charmaine Gordon  

    Thanks for stopping by, Angela. We're having fun. Step around and belly up to the bar.

  14. Charmaine Gordon  

    Molly Daniels, please send your email addy to
    You're the winner of She Didn't Say No.

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