Chatting with the Brewer: Blake Thornton, The Local Brewpub

Liz: Welcome Blake! Please, tell us what you’ve brought for us to taste and enjoy today.

Blake: Sure thing Liz. First because I know you are a hophead, I insist that you try this black IPA. It’s a new one for me this year and we’re pairing it with a super spicy cheeseburger thing that Rob wanted to make. Perfect for a cold winter night like tonight.

Liz: (tastes and nods) Wow. That’s like a hop bomb disguised in a roasted coffee beer. Is there coffee in it? (tastes more and licks lips)

Blake: Sorry. Proprietary secret. I don’t want you walking this over to Wolverine and replicating it as a lager. You’d probably get another mention in Draft Magazine for it.

Liz: Sour puss. I hear you and Rob are looking to expand and bottle some of these. If I were you, I’d definitely do this one.

Blake: Yeah, well it’s a sticking point. Rob’s not too keen on it. I still am though. (he looks away a moment, then brightens when he pulls out a different bottle). Ok, try this one and you tell me the style, oh high and mighty Beer Wench of Ann Arbor.

Liz: (grins and tastes the amber-colored brew) Hmm…really strong malt base, sweet, with a subtle back bite of hops. Crisp. Oh you naughty boy….(puts the glass down and stares at the handsome, now blushing, blond man).

Blake: What? (blinks innocently)

Liz: A lager! You did it! Well done. (Holds up the glass and admires its clarity in the light). Not a hint of diacytl, or DMS.

Blake: Ok, now you are officially putting the blog readers to sleep. Ask me about my new girlfriend.

Liz: Only if you let me taste that last one…the darkest one.

Blake: Like ‘em strong and dark, eh Liz? (winks and pours, then clinks glasses with her)

Liz: The bigger the better. Now that, my friend, is one kick ass stout. What did you age it in? Not bourbon barrels I’m guessing. But something. The alcohol warming is very very nice.

Blake:  It’s a classic Russian Imperial, but I aged this batch in some rye barrels. Less sweet that way. You like? (he smacks his full lips, making Liz spill a little before recovering herself)

Liz:  Very much. (sets the glass down) Tell me about the new addition to your life. The girlfriend? Isn’t that a bit precious. She’s a womb-for-hire last I checked.

Blake: (blushes, adorably) Well, Lila is definitely a great addition as you say. Something Rob and I never thought we were missing, until we found her. She’s… (he gets a dreamy look in his eyes and stops)

Liz: (snaps fingers in front of his face while pouring herself another helping of the stout)  Ok, so she’s a girlfriend. How does that work, exactly, with two alpha males like you and your live-in chef. Jesus Blake this beer is like nectar. Did you bring any chocolate? It would really go nicely with that.

Blake: Thanks. I like it too. (he shrugs in his usual self-deprecating way) It works as well as you might think I guess. Rob and I have had our challenging, chest-thumping moments. But you know we are doing this for a reason and not just because I want a to be a father. It’s important to us both. To all of us.

Liz: (pats his hand) I know. It’s tough. But … on the bright side if you are all getting along so well it must make for some pretty steamy nights. You know, wiggling with a purpose and all that.

Blake: (snorts with laughter) Wow. Succinct.

Liz: Well I AM a writer—you know, a “words person.”

Blake: Yeah, the nights are amazing. Sharing our lives came pretty naturally once we sorted out the bed-sharing part. Heres a hint: get a bigger bed (he waggles his eyebrows). Lila is the most giving and kind and supportive person…and she’s hot. Way hot. It’s…(he blushes again).

Liz: Damn you’re cute. I’m glad I created you.

Blake: Me too Liz, me too. So, if that’s it…. (he stands and collects his beer bottles)

Liz: Sit down lover boy. I need to know one more thing.

Blake: (raises an eyebrow but sits again) If this is about my sister and her ….

Liz: (raises a hand) Well, I am trying promote the first 3 books. You know (hooks fingers around the words) “the Jack and Sara trilogy now available in a print anthology.”

Blake: (rolls his eyes and leans back, propping his sneakered feet on the table) Ok. So. Jack is an ass. But apparently, he is The Ass my sister loves and wants to be with. Who am I to argue with that? God knows I’ve picked badly in the past and now have finally found my own soul mate or whatever. They….they need to be together.

Liz: I still sense some reluctance…

Blake: Everybody always gives me such a rash of shit for being overprotective of her. But to my mind, I’m just doing what I’m supposed to do for my sister. Up to and including finally telling Gordon to just toss her over his shoulder and carry her to his cave. Talking her out of wanting some level of that was just getting too exhausting. Besides (he toys with one of the empties) Rob vouches for Jack and I’m ready to believe him.

Liz: Good. Now about those steamy nights….

Blake: (laughs) Yeah, well steamy nights, mornings, and oh (glances at his watch) sorry gotta go, timing is everything with this whole pregnancy goal thing. It’s my turn to watch. (he raises an eyebrow making Liz a little shivery). I love watching the two people I love most, making love. (he grabs the empties, presses a kiss to Liz’s hot face). We all set here?

Liz: Uh. Yeah. Please. Go and…well….there you have it folks. Blake Thornton and his newest, most delicious brews from The Local. Leaving us all with a mental picture that may require some alone time later. Cheers!

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    Love Blake. He's a doll. I loved hearing from him.


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