It's time for a little medical research:
WebMD Says:

A hot flash -- sometimes called a hot flush -- is a momentary sensation of heat that may be accompanied by a red, flushed face and sweating. The cause of hot flashes is not known, but may be related to changes in circulation.
Hot flashes occur when the blood vessels near the skin's surface dilate to cool. This produces the red, flushed look to the face. A woman may also perspire to cool down the body. In addition, some women experience a rapid heart rate or chills.
Hot flashes accompanied with sweating can also occur at night. These are called night sweats and may interfere with sleep.
A hot flush is a hot flash plus a visual appearance of redness in the face and neck.

Here it is in chart form:
Here is how I have felt more and more often every flipping day of the last 2 months:
Truly will someone explain to me how this works? 
Or better yet, How Is This Fair?
I carried and birthed the kids (3 times, no drugs) and fed them, you know from my body (for about a year each. For the Record).

I endure the continuing pressure to "look good at 40 and now almost 50" by exercising, eating light, using creams and potions on my face and body.  

I had the periods for that matter from the time I was 15 years old. The monthly purge of my womanly essence or whatever the f$#@ you want to call it that made me alternatively an utter bitch, hyper, ravenously hungry, horny, and then doubled over in pain.

I still have the period. And all the ensuing fun that entails.

And now, it seems I have the hot flashes too.


After experimenting with a little "More orgasms mean less hot flashes" experiment that showed promise for about 3 days, they are back with a vengeance. The hot flashes. Not the orgasms.  

Before I only got them during the day.  All I'd have to do is say "" and wave my arms around and the household would scatter like birds in a thunderstorm. Now I lie in bed at night and would swear that you can see me in the damn dark thanks to the glow of my peri-menepausal skin.

I don't want to take hormones or deal with any of that. But now, I guess, because I am the Superior Gender and am equipped to handle such perverse betrayal by my own body, I must.

Ah Female---thy name is "do not stand between me and that open refrigerator door if you know what is good for you."

Sighing, and fanning.


Forgive my weekend absence but the beer world had my full attention between 2 major "fests" and a fund raiser and 3 nights of live music in my Tap Room.

Just a quickie update, hopefully with humor and without provoking any anger. Speaking of that (humor) I would point this out...

Now that's out of the way.

I am under a hard and fast print deadline working my way through Essence of Time, the Stewart Realty Not Realtors book 4. Print deadlines are that (hard and fast) and I have so far approved 2 of the 3 first book covers and they rock it.  Working in this business can be brutal on many levels. Between rejection, fellow author sabotage, editing that results in lightbulb moments requiring major rewrites (more on this later) and reviews you really gotta be tough. But the fact of the matter is it takes a village (read: "team") to put a book together. The writing of the thing is only a part. A big part, yes, but even if you self publish you no doubt have relied on some kind of team to get you through the cover art, upload, virtual tour, reviewing process.  
JERR Gold Star Winner!

I am loving my teams so far at all my publishers but the gang at Tri Destiny has gone above and beyond, getting my hot new covers, working hard to get those covers ready in time to meet that above mentioned hard and fast deadline, arranging book tours, and what not but most especially the Team Leader, one Jessica Warth. This person took a chance on a series that got roundly rejected across the board and now is nearing 700 total downloads for the month of May.  She is a tough editor at times, cheerleader/muse/kick Liz in the ass past herself team captain and great friend. Cheers to my team! 

As for that lightbulb, I had one, as predicted on a walk with the poodle muses in which the current iteration of Lust of Tap, my first Ellora's Cave acceptance will become an even stronger story. It means a re-write/revise beyond what many would consider viable. But to me, the fact that the story is flowing from my late night fingers like water from a faucet is a Clear Indication that all the "blue lines" (it's easier on the eyes than red, thank you Microsoft Word) of the original edit may have stopped me cold at first but gave me the opportunity to make a good book a great one.  I value the opportunity. Means that the story of Helena, Dustin and Erik will be a tad longer seeing light of day but it will be worth the wait.

Bloodlines are making up a part of that tale. For many families they still matter, including the fictional Prufrock one in the (non fictional) Grand Rapids, Michigan. I've beefed up the motivation for young, only-child Dustin to continue to rebel against his overbearing mother and successful but somewhat weak-kneed father. The Prufrocks have been in the prepared food business for three generations (think: GFS---that company with the trucks delivering bags of nacho chips, and huge jugs of ketchup to restaurants all over the nation daily). Dustin fell in love with beer brewing, dropped out of college in Ann Arbor and enrolled in the (slightly fictional) Munich Brewing Institute. His father bankrolled the tuition, he had to pay his living expenses for three years. His mother disapproved (but as Dustin says, "name something she doesn't) but he completed the degree and came back, used part of his now liquid trust fund to open a brewery. 

By the time we meet him, Prufrock Brewing is the 3rd largest in the state, thanks to his business and hiring savvy, producing and selling nearly 40,000 barrels of beer a year and about to open a new "brew pub" at a different location to expand their reach to a downtown crowd.  He's stressed, but happy. And engaged to a woman that comes with his challenging mother's seal of approval. Her pedigree, as heir to the Masterson family chain of successful restaurants, is impeccable. And Dustin is desperately trying to get out of the deal he cut with his wherein he marries "well" and she leaves him alone with his "project" no longer haranguing him to take over for his father as head of the larger company.  Of course, meeting the sexy, sassy, and utterly "unsuitable" Helena Turner on a beer-selling day does (or doesn't depending on your perspective) help his dilemma.

The whole bloodlines thing makes a difference based on some research I've done. But anymore it does appear to be a factor of environment. Children of wealthy families go to private schools, vacation with families of a similar wealth level and in general tend to associate with kids who would meet bloodline requirements. However, in this story, it's a big part of Dustin's need to both placate and rebel, to accept his role as head of a giant company vs. live his dream. And it nearly destroys him.

Thanks for listening. 
Make it a productive week.


Welcome to my beer bar Havan. What can I pour for you to start?
Thank you for having me, Liz. *looks around and moves chair a tad closer to my beautiful host* Wow...this is nice...*wiggles on chair* very comfy. Oh, drinks, yes we need beverages don't we? Hmmm…maybe we should start with the first microbrew I ever tried? Ybor Gold was my first microbrew oh so many years ago...*chuckles*

All right, start with Premium Lager, it's my "gateway" beer..

Tell us about your shiny new release.
My new release is Emery's Ritches—just released this past Friday! Yay! *giggles* It is technically my first solo release...but is the second story in the Synchronous Seductions series I'm writing. The first one was released in the Story Orgy anthology Word Play. Ritchie won't admit that he's heartbroken. Emery won't accept less than all of Ritchie's affection. Now the trick is: how will meticulous Emery win snarky Ritchie for his own?

And what is this "Story Orgy" business?
Ahhh...The Story Orgy. We are a group of six writers that just kinda stumbled together. Every Monday we write an 'episode' on our blog based on a prompt, whether it is a set of words, a quote or even a picture. We've done them all. We do contests that our readers participate in and we have so far three anthologies out, two of which the first ninety days of sales went to charity. We are currently working on our fourth anthology based on Road Trip prompts sent in by our readers, and when this one is published it will also go to charity. *smiles* We started off as strangers, grew into friends and finished as family. We have a Facebook page and a Story Orgy blog that we post all our doings on.

uh oh, empty glass...what can I pour for you next? 
I'd like to act all knowledgeable and impress the halibut outta you, but truth is I'm not. So I'll stick with what I know, my nephew is a huge fan of Yuengling Lager, and I know I like the taste of it so let's crack one open. 
Oh, you were on such a roll too. At least you aren't asking me for rum and cokes and shit like that.  So, for the record THE ONLY BEER I SERVE IS THE BEER MADE HERE. IN THE BUILDING.  That said, let's try one of the seasonal Maibocks, this is called Drag me to Helles (A "Helles" beer is another name for a maibock which is a German spring seasonal).

so now you're loosened up....just what IS your deal with Lee Brazil?
um...*guzzles half the bottle*...well—I met him while I was annoying a copy of friends online and just knew that he was a keeper. He hasn't been able to get rid of me seriously, I wouldn't have had the balls to put my writing out there in public without him. He believes in me and forces me to achieve more. *smiles all goofy like* I got lucky when he called me his muse. I know that.

What are your publishing goals for yourself?  Got any other WIP plans in the hopper?
The third book in my Synchronous Seductions Series, Geoff's Teddy, is set to release in July, that will be the finale of that series. I'm also working on at least a half dozen open WIPs, including my blog story, my Road Trip story with the Story Orgy and a shifter story. Basically I just want to entertain people, if I can do that then I've achieved my dream as a writer. Corny maybe, but I've always been good with that. *lopsided smile*

ok, nightcap time: what's your poison?
Well, if this is our last drink together I better make it a good one...since I'm not sure what the good ones are, you pick for us. Remember, the stronger the better—I like when people take control. *winks*

okay.....then, let's break out the bourbon barrel aged Imperial Dark. That'll hit you in the "I like 'em strong" spot.

Emery's Ritches

Ritchie Lymings is wallowing in self-pity after seeing the man he loves—his best friend—reunited with his arch enemy. He's drowning his sorrows in coffee and caramel when an irritating stranger barges into his life, determined to make him smile. Even if this interloper is too dense to understand his faux pas, Ritchie figures he may be good for a quickie to get his mind off of his immediate situation. A simple round of love 'em and leave 'em sounds promising.

Emery Hutchins recognizes Ritchie immediately when he stops for his morning coffee and breakfast. His friend Ryder had been telling him stories about "the infuriating twit" for years. Fate and coincidence were two things that normally gave Emery cause for pause, but he couldn't let this opportunity pass him by. Unable to relinquish control to fate though, he immediately devises a plan to make the deliciously snarky Ritchie his own, one hundred percent completely.

But for these two diverse personalities there is one major problem. How can Ritchie's attitude and Emery's meticulousness blend together, or is this an oil and water mess?

You can find Havan Fellows @ Havan's Heavenly Haven blog & Facebook
You can find Emery's Ritches @ Breathless Press, Amazon & All Romance ebooks (ARe)

"Oh wow, and here I feared the worst, that you would never break through that dark look and smile. Now that I've seen your smile, I'm pretty sure I never want to see you without it."
Snapping out of his daydream, Ritchie turned to the intruding voice and set eyes on the sexiest man he'd seen in a long time. Short golden hair on the sides, longer in front, clear silver-blue eyes, high forehead, and pouty cupid's bow lips. Hot damn, he's a god.
After a few tense seconds, Ritchie finally found his voice and attempted to put it to good use. "Can I help you?" Okay, not good use, but use at least.
"Most definitely, in so many ways too."
Ritchie's brows drew together and he couldn't hold back the growl. "Excuse me?"
The man smiled, wide and easy. "I wondered if I could share this table with you? This place gets busy in the blink of an eye. Plus I seem to have bought two coffees and two scones so I was thinking we could have breakfast together." And with that, he placed two cups and the single plate with two cinnamon chip scones he had meticulously juggled onto the table. He then proceeded to make himself at home in the chair across from Ritchie.
Ritchie glanced around and noted at least three empty tables, and pointedly glared back at his interloper.
That easy breezy grin didn't falter and the man didn't miss a beat. "That table wobbles, almost spilled a whole cup of their hazelnut all over me the other morning." He pointed to empty table number one. Then he directed his finger at empty table number two. "Sitting right next to that table you'll find Mrs. Glein. She's a widow and sweet as pie, but keeps insisting I meet with this mysterious grandson of hers named Stevie. Now considering she only has one grandchild, a beautiful woman named Stephanie, I figure she wants to convert me. I would rather skip that conversation this morning." Ritchie glanced over at the old lady. She smiled widely at the stranger and he waved and nodded back in acknowledgment.
Then he turned his attention to the third table that now housed two students with their laptops. "And darn if I didn't just miss that table by a millisecond. Good thing I got this seat when I did, huh?"
Ritchie took another sip of his coffee, trying to process how to lose this guy. He was obviously ill in some department no matter how hot he might be. Ritchie tilted his cup all the way back, then remembered it was empty. He set the mug back down a little too heavily causing a loud clacking noise that caused many of the patrons to look up with disapproving glares.
Then he looked back at his company, who held the extra steaming cup out to him. "Caramel latte, I believe?"
Begrudgingly, Ritchie took the cup and sipped some more. Damn near everything could be solved with the blessed combination of coffee and caramel. Staring into those clear silver-blue eyes from across the table, he stressed the damn near part.
"So, to what do I owe the great honor of your company?"
Grinning (of course, Ritchie mentally rolled his eyes) the man said, "You can owe the great honor to the fact that I didn't want to eat breakfast alone. Usually I don't mind, but when I noticed you so melancholy I decided today I minded."
Ritchie nodded. "Ah, I get it now. You're one of those do-gooders that just has to stick his nose where it isn't wanted. Come to turn my frown upside down, have you? Thanks, I appreciate the pity, but I'm doing just fine pitying myself. Don't need your help."
"But you did need my coffee and you do need to eat something." He placed one of the scones on a napkin in front of Ritchie.
"What are you, my mother?"
He winked at Ritchie. "Not exactly, I don't have the proper equipment for that. Though now I think I should start pitying myself that you didn't notice." And for the first time throughout this whole weird interaction, the stranger's smile turned into an exaggerated version of a pout.
Ritchie rolled his eyes for real this time, and against his will, he felt himself smirking in response to that pout.
"Ah ha!" Not surprisingly the pout disappeared. "I knew I would break down your defenses eventually. So who is he?"
"Excuse me?" Hadn't he already said that during this conversation?
"Who's the guy that's got you all knotted up? Only way for someone to look that downcast is when love's involved. Since you aren't all pissy and mad, well, not any more than what I assume's the norm for you," the man chuckled at his own joke, "I have to deduce that it's unrequited love. The guy obviously doesn't understand what a joyful gem you are. So I repeat, who is he? Shall I hunt him down and explain the error of his ways?" He popped a bit of scone into his mouth and managed to smile through the closed-mouth chewing process.
"I'm sorry, am I putting off a vibe saying that I'm a people person or something? Because if so, I need to fix my vibe-o-meter. What makes you think it's a guy anyway?"

A potential lawsuit, apparently.

One of my (must more famous) and beloved romance writer colleagues, whose given name (i.e. NOT a pen name) is Adele DuBois, has been informed she can no longer "be" Adele.  As a blogging member of the Romance Books R Us group I was issued a cease and desist order relative to her (being Adele.)

I had a few things to say about this, as you might imagine. Link to that here. 

Turns out a blogger with the Washington Post had a bit to say as well (and yours truly is referenced given my own funky little run in with my very own professional organization earlier in the week.)

The link to that post is here.

The story may seem ludicrous (trademarking mere words like Realt** or names like Ade**) but true.

Check it out here.

I own a brewery too, as you may or may not know.  I realize how much time and effort and money I have put in to build that brand and if someone popped off with a "Wolverine beer" knock off or whatever just to cash in on what I have done, you bet your butt they'd get slapped with a C&D so fast they'd have to run down the road to catch it.  But this? Not the same thing at all...
make it a good day!
p.s. I did breastfeed my kids until they were about 9 months to a year.  Maintain your sense of humor on this blog. It is a requirement.

There comes a time in life of a parent when you panic.

Not the raw, naive crawling panic when you bring the first born, totally fragile infant home and have zero idea what you're doing no matter how many books on attachment parenting you've read.

Nor the half-goofy, half-terrified moment when the baby takes her first step.

And not even the half second before you shut the door and wave your 16-year old good bye the second they get their driver's license.


A real panic is when your child is playing a sport, goes down and doesn't get up. Or, if you are not the parent privy to that moment, the one where you answer the phone and hear the voice of your child's other parent a little breathy, a little more nervous than you like to hear telling you the child is injured and he is the way to the emergency room. There are broken bones involved. Surgery. General anesthetic. And a lot of pain.

In a world of "attachment parenting" and kids who breastfeed until they're old enough to ask you for a cigarette afterward, I am a little old school.  While my kids were definitely not "seen and not heard" they were in bed early, out of my way, and fairly self sufficient at a young age.  Some of it is a function of living overseas for so long. They were forced into cultures that also asked a lot of their kids at a young age, not by necessity but by tradition. I'll be the first to admit my kids could uncork a wine bottle and mix a decent g&t at an obscenely young age.

However, once we got back to the US after nearly a decade overseas the kids were sorely unprepared for the helicoptering required of us. And hence, our kids may seem a little unsupervised but I think they are pretty cool. And our house has become a gathering place of sorts for various girlfriends and boyfriends eager to engage in brisk political banter or the relative merits of the House Baratheon vs. Stark.

But, back to the issues at hand. Two bones have been broken thanks to a rogue kick of a soccer ball by a fellow teammate hitting square at the wrist, one a fairly nasty "unclean" break in the growth plate. So we have a surgical appointment tomorrow, the 5'3" 120 pound athletic "baby" is going under to get some pins set in the dirty break. The kid played for over five minutes after this hit, surprising her coach, and every doctor that has seen her in the last 2 days, but not her father and not me. She is one tough cookie.

But I dread the moment I have to look over the hospital bed the second they send us out to wait. Truly. Although I'm not about to breast feed her no matter how guilty those super moms make me feel.

*note: all those kids breastfeeding until they're 10 or whatever....all boys*

Thanks for listening.

welcome to my beer bar Summer! What can I pour for you to start?

Hmm.  Can I step outside the conventional beer bar wisdom and have a Jack and Coke? 

Hmmm...Nope. *points to the door* See the sign? "B-R-E-W-E-R-Y"  Yeah. That's we we have here.  So....guess you are drinking water while we chat.

I am fascinated by the concept of your series.  Is it autobiographical?

My series IS indeed autobiographical in nature.  Ironically I had one reviewer recently give Volume One of the series a 3 star review - in part because she was unsure if what she was reading was truth or fiction.  She indicated that I have been claiming this is based on true circumstances, but the standard "this is a work of fiction" disclaimer is present in the beginning of the book.  The mixture probably lies somewhere around 90% "just how it happened" and 10% "protect the guilty".  At the very least until my series hits worldwide acclaim and the movie deals start rolling in, I have to maintain a full time corporate job that would probably frown upon my being an author of erotica in my spare time.  ;-)   (And yes - make sure that worldwide acclaim bit is read with the "gentle sarcasm" font installed.)

so the $64,000 question, have you Read the 50 Shades books? If no, why not? If so, what did you think?

I have indeed read the 50 Shades books.  I have mixed feelings honestly.  As a reader, I thought the story was good, but could have been great.  The story line was strong enough to carry my interest, but the sex got repetitive and the writing was a bit disjointed in spots.  I found myself skipping past the sex to see where the plot was going, so as a story - I thought it worked.

As a fellow author of erotica, I welcome the attention that the whole 50 Shades phenomenon is bringing to the genre.  On a recent blog entry I likened it to the Tiger Woods effect in golf.  At the height of his popularity - Tiger brought a ton of new fans to the sport - many of which then grew to appreciate the skill and talent of other golfers on the PGA Tour.

As you already know I am sure - erotica is a hard (pun intended) genre to market.  A lot of people seem to enjoy reading it, but most are hesitant to "spread" the word about the fact they have enjoyed it.  That seems to be changing a little with the viral nature of the 50 Shades series.  Embracing the spillover from the flood of new fans seemed a natural thing to do.

There is a lot to be said for having "connections". I like using my own connections with fellow success, dues-paying authors like yourself.  Tell me how your new FB page: What to read After 50 Shades has worked out for you.

I'll be honest, like a lot of my fellow authors - all I felt towards the 50 Shades series at first was a bit of envy.  Why did this "lightning bolt of success" strike this particular work, by this particular author.  Then I honestly began to see the flood of new readers and new fans of the genre as a good opportunity to expose them (yep - pun intended once again) to other quality erotica - including my own.

I'm a big believer in the indie author community and helping one another to succeed.  In that vein, I started the new Facebook page called "What to read after Fifty (50) Shades of Grey".  I had the idea one afternoon after stumbling across a Fifty Shades Facebook fan page that had over 14,000 fans.  Now - less than two weeks later - it has over 25,000 fans.  I thought if I could show even a fraction of those readers what other quality erotica was out there, it would benefit my fellow authors and even my own work.

The new page has been a big success so far.  Wednesday, May 9th will mark two weeks since the new page started.  So - in less than two weeks - we have gathered over 700 fans (currently 733) and I have posted dozens of book recommendations from readers as well as straight author promotion from links the authors have posted as well.  

It has worked to the tune of over 180 sales in the past two weeks directly attributable to the links posted on the Facebook page.  Not a bad start.  Now imagine if the authors and readers that are fans simply share the page with their friends, readers, and fans.  One ebook recommendation site on Facebook has over 40,000 fans.  If we can get the new page anywhere near that number - eventually - it would be a ton of wonderful exposure for our featured authors.

In that vein, I ask anyone who has an interest to please come join us at

Please SHARE the page with anyone and everyone, and let's help grow our exposure for our indie author community.  

whoops empty glass! what can I pour next for you?

Pina Colada - please.
*wipes tears after laughing fit*  here: more water.

Do you have any other writing projects in you future?

As much fun as I AM having promoting my fellow authors, my own writing has been a little blocked lately.  I am currently working on Volume Four of my Summer's Journey series - which I hope to release in the next few weeks.
After Volume Four - I have a "special surprise" in the works.  I am planning on going back and re-writing Volume One of the Summer's Journey series from my male character's point of view.  I am tentatively calling it Mark's Journey: Volume One - Taking Control.  The intent will be to continue the series from both points of view, to give some insight into what both Mark and I were feeling and experiencing during this unusual dalliance.

 what advice would you give frustrated authors about the huge success of what many consider to be a mediocre story?

The advice I would give is simply to embrace your own writing with even more fervor.  Hone your own craft to a fine point so when (notice I did not say "if" - but "when") - so when those readers come looking for another story to fall in love with - you are there to embrace them with open legs (oops - I mean arms.)

Ok, nightcap time, what's your poison?

I think we'll end the evening with an extra tall Margarita please ... and thank you for listening to me ramble!!
*shakes head* God help, enjoy the tap water.

Time for me to go change into my writing clothes.  (A beat up old Orioles t-shirt and a smile - that always gets me in the proper writing mood!)

Buy Links:
Summer's Journey: Volume One - Losing Control -

Summer's Journey: Volume Two - Alphabetical Assignation -

Summer's Journey: Volume Three - Bondage Ballet -

Summer's Journey: Collection One - (this is Volumes One through Three together) -

Thank you Liz for the opportunity to share a few drinks with you!!

Marketing for Romance Writers Summer Camp is July 14th - July 15th. To receive updates for the camp or learn more about it and MFRW, please sign up here:

Welcome to my beer bar Naomi! What can I pour for you to start?
Hmmm. Let's start with something light. What lager do you reccomend to get us in the mood to chat?
Oh, Definitely this: my personal favorite, the Gulo Gulo, an India Pale Lager--brisk, hoppy, and delish.

Tell me a little about the Magic Black Cat....
Sammy is nineteen years old. He's outlasted several men in my life, and though he's slowed down quite a bit, he still has a little frisky left. Here he is in a suitcase, making sure he doesn't get left behind next time. 

When and how did you get your first book published?
I was tickled pink to publish my first romance ebook in June, 2011. I submitted it to eight different publishers, and number nine was the winner. I tell anyone who asks, don't give up, keep sending that story in. You will find the perfect home for it somewhere.

What is your favorite sub genre to write?
So many! I love erotic, paranormal, mystery, suspense, action/adventure. When starting a story, I have a hard time not combining all these genres!

look! empty glass...can't have that.  What can I pour for you next?
You did such an excellent job with the first selection, I'm going to let you pick one of your favorite craft beers and surprise me.
Ahem: okay anything I serve here is my "favorite" but let's move over to the Wolverine Amber Lager, slightly more balanced on the malty side.

So how do you propose to tickle my libido?
I'd like to make you giggle, just a little, when you read my stories. Romance should be fun, sex should be fun. My heroes and heroines have a sense of humor, so get ready to smile.

Whats in your TBR queue?
Let me flip through my Kindle, heavens to Murgatroyd, how did so many books sneak on here? I'm trying to finish The Hunt at the VV Inn by C.J. Ellisson, and My First Spanking, an anthology edited by Cassadra Park with a cute, short story by Yours Truly. On the educational side, I'm reading Secrets of Successful Writers by Darrell Pitt, and Effortless Marketing by Jeff Rivera. I think Janet Evanovich has a new one out, but I have to wait until I have hours of unitnerrupted time, since I will stay up late into the night reading her books .

Finally, without thinking too hard about it, tell me what movie you would watch over and over (and over) again
Two of my absolute favorites are A Fish Called Wanda, and Mr. Bean. Yes, both comedies, what a surprise. I love to laugh, and the Monty Python guys and Rowan Atkinson make me chuckle every time.

Okay, nightcap time. what's your poison?
Normally I enjoy Scotch, rocks, but since I'm in a microbrewery, hit me with something...unusual.
 *Thank you author who did their homework*  Here, let's break out some of my Gulo Noir---an India Black Lager--roasty, toasty, yummy.

Thank you so much for having me here, Liz. 

We love Marketing for Romance Writers, and want to tell you about their Summer Camp.

Opportunity Knocks at Marketing For Romance Writers Summer Camp. Open the door to: SEEK, TEACH, LEARN, SHARE, SUCCEED...and discover MFRW'S MOTTO of Achievement.  

Adventurous erotic romance to tickle your fancy and unleash your libido

Welcome to my beer bar Seleste what can I pour for you to start?
Vodka with anything but pineapple juice J 
*rolls eyes* BEER BAR---hello??? does ANYONE BUT ME do homework? I own a brewery and this place ONLY serves beer. Beer my brewers make. Here---have a glass of  water.

You really have a wealth of variety in your books. What is your absolute favorite sub genre to read? to write?
I love variety. Spice of life and all that jazz. To be totally honest, I write what I read. Right now I’ve been reading a lot of YA. One of my favorite things about YA is that they don’t officially separate by genre, so in saying YA, I can include dystopian, urban fantasy, steampunk, and romance and no one seems to mind J My favorite to write is a harder one to answer because my favorite depends (heavily) on my mood. If I’m stressed out and want to kill/destroy things, urban fantasy since it allows me a creative outlet to do so (ie—I won’t go to jail for it). If I’m needing swoonage, romance (either contemporary or paranormal)—nothing gives you that romantic high quite like making people fall in love. And then there’s steampunk. My favorite thing about steampunk is that more than any other genre, it embraces the creative and the absurd. I have a steampunk dragonfly tattoo on my foot. Insects made of clock parts… and they’re deadly. I love that shit! Steampunk worlds allow so much freedom to stretch the craziest parts of your brain (and believe me, I have a lot of crazy parts).

Tell about your new book coming out.
My next release (unless something happens between now and then :P) is due in August from Mundania Press. Kiss of Death is the first full-length novel in my Blood Kissed series (I’ve taken to referring to the short stories as prequels since they are written very differently than the novels: first person versus third, present tense versus past). It starts a couple months after The Ghost of Vampire Present and really delves into what “blood kissed” means and why Max tried to keep Jocelyn in the dark about everything… as well as why he failed. Yes, Chad is in it too, being all arrogant and sexy and Chad-like. As is Jocelyn’s grandma <3 There’s also a host of other characters including the local council of vampire elders, a vampire hunter, some werewolves, and a sorcerer. And Remy… this book would not be complete without my favorite vampire ever.

Explosions, near-death, blood, a cat, death, more blood, more death, and of course, sex. Fun times should be had by all.

I will admit, when I read the descriptions of your books I immediately bought Forever Summer!
Thank you! That story was a lot of fun (and almost didn’t happen). A couple of my editors—the ones who worked on the Blood Kissed prequels, in fact—urged me to enter this contest at 1 Place for Romance last summer. The contest called for 5,000-7,000 word stories about summer and romance. I started one, and 5k in I knew it was going to be too long, so I almost didn’t enter anything. Then, with a little (okay, a lot) more nudging, I started over and entered Forever Summer, never in a million years expecting it to win. But it did, so *happy dance*.

oh look, empty glass. what can I pour for you next?
Surprise me, but not rum. Mixing rum and vodka does messed up things to my brain. And none of us want that. 
*NO COMMENT* here, drink more tap water.

You have an alter ego that writes Young Adult. Tell us about some of those books.
As I said earlier, I love young adult books. I’m one of those weird people who liked being a teenager and still remembers all the good and bad that went on in those years. It’s a point in life full of firsts and crazy-deep friendships and new romance. *happy sigh* Anyway, I like to tap into that. Right now, I only have the first book in my Paranormal Response Team series out. It’s kind of Buffy the Vampire Slayer-ish but where the heroes themselves are supernaturals. The series centers around a pair of fosters sisters—Elle and Cass. Elle is a werewolf who saw her family get killed in the same attack that changed her. She’s the “heart” of the team, the one who follows her instincts and her nose, even though she struggles to accept here werewolf half because it’s a constant reminder of what she’s lost. Cassidy is a half-vampire. She puts on a mask of shiny, happy, pink-loving, cheerleader during the day but slips into all black and brooding at night. She’s the brains. Not only does she have a photographic memory, she’s also an accomplished computer hacker—the kind that will probably never get caught. Her morals are a little more vague than Elle’s because she kind of sees herself as more than human. I adore both of them so very much.

ok I will admit Badlands sounds kick ass!  congrats on getting a Carina contract with it. Tell me a little about it...*finger hovering over "buy" button*
*whispers* Press “buy”… 

*whispers: drink craft beer and I might consider it....*

The full story of Badlands is kind of funny. It started with meeting Jeremy Lassen (Nightshade Books editor) at a convention. He told us this story about what he does to mess with new authors. It had to do with titles, and I decided I wanted to write something with his bogus title…. I just didn’t know what. Then a month or so later, Angela James (Carina Press editor, though at that time I think she was still with Samhain) tweeted that she wanted a space western. The original idea for Badlands came from that. It was a space western and it was…terrible. LOL. I wrote it during NaNoWriMo and didn’t even bother finishing it—it was that bad. I shelved it and moved on.

Then, a while later, people started talking about wanting steampunk novellas. I’d been learning a bit about steampunk, and had recently realized that while the very Victorian London steampunk didn’t appeal to me, one of my favorite TV shows way back when was steampunk (Briscoe County, Jr. for those checking on my age). That western style steampunk was so very me that I dusted off the NaNo manuscript and re-looked at it. Out went spaceships, in went dirigibles. Out went nanotech, in went clockworks, and then I took the very bare bones of the story I had and warped US history in order to create a world where my story could take place. The history of Australia as a penal colony had always intrigued me, and from that, the idea of the Badlands was born. I did lose a couple characters in the change—and a few others went through drastic changes—no alien races in my steampunk America L--but that was the book I went on to sell.

I will say that as a romance, some people have issues with Badlands. There is a major role-reversal in that Ever is the alpha. She’s very volatile and sexual (even though she’s a man-hater) and doesn’t like anyone else to have any control over her life. Spencer, on the other hand, is the steady one. The one who does what he has to but prefers life to be calm and drama-free. Because of that reversal, some things that readers are fine with heroes doing, they are forced to see the heroine do.

I wrote Ever that way because she’s a “real” person in my head, and that’s precisely how she would behave (and it’s how she behaved in the original, horrible version too). Same with Spencer. Same with all my characters. The truth is I knew some readers might not like that. But I don’t expect everyone to love my characters or their actions. I do hope they understand them though J

Finally, what are your new projects coming in the rest of 2012 and 2013?
Kiss of Death comes out in August, and I have another Cupid’s Conquests story that may be out before then (if I can get my butt in gear and finish it LOL). I also just got word on another sale that I haven’t announced yet since I’m waiting to get word that I can! LOL. I will say that one probably won’t be until 2013, but I could be wrong. I’m probably going to do another holiday short this year as well (just because I love those damn elves). Outside of those, you’ll just have to keep an eye on my website (

night cap time! What's your poison?
I don’t have to be coherent anymore? Awesome. *gets devious gleam in her eyes* Tell me, have you ever made “Sex with Captain Tightpants”?
 *even more devious gleam* NO but I pay 2 guys to brew amazing craft beers for me at my brewery that is growing by leaps and here, more water for you!*

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