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OH for fun and because I loves my blog peeps, a quick look at a fun Holiday release from Tri Destiny Publishing:
Honey Red

Nicholas Trayner has returned to Michigan, physically and spiritually ruined by war, determined to never love again.

Hannah Williams, the new marketing director at the Ypsi Brewing Company has vowed to live her life and make her own way independent of any relationships.

Ian Donovan has come to uneasy terms with his life as single father and head brewer for the highly successful YBC. But when it becomes apparent that both Nick and Hannah hold the key to his actual happiness, Ian’s world is rocked in ways he never knew possible.

Three people resolved not to commit, but thrown together by circumstance and undeniable physical attraction--their nights heat up and emotions run high in spite of their expressed desire to "keep it simple." But love is never simple. And the bonds they form will be sorely tested before they can determine if life as three is what they truly desire.

“So,” he said, his voice cracking a little with tension. She looked up. A tendril of that tempting red hair dropped out of the holder and slipped across her face. He saw himself reach out, tuck it away. She narrowed her eyes, and leaned back just enough to let him know his touch was not welcomed. “Right, sorry. So, let’s move on to these,” he pulled the three Belgian style beers he’d chosen closer, trying to cover his embarrassment. “We don’t do Belgians at Ypsi do I plan to,” he paused, pondering his one-time dream of crafting nothing but sour, crazy, off-the-wall ales. He certainly had changed his tune once his business savvy brother had gotten involved.
She put a hand on his, yanking him back to the present. He stared at her hand, then up at her. Her huge eyes were full of concern. “You okay? How’s Nick?”
“Oh, uh, he’s okay. I think.”
Hannah nodded, munched a pretzel, never taking her eyes from his. He shifted, as his body started to react almost involuntarily to her suddenly uncomfortable proximity. “I have to wonder how it will work.”
“Uh, how what will work,” he poured them each a healthy sample of Le Fin Du Monde, one of the finest examples of a Belgian tripel known to man. The cloudy yellow liquid was rich, layered and amazing. He drank it way too fast considering it was nine percent alcohol. But nervousness had the best of him. And that was annoying in the extreme. He shoved her feet off his lap. “You mean Gavin and Alyssa? Well, if they don’t kill each other, I think they’ll make a fine couple.”
“But how can they be together? She owns the company that distributes our brews in Michigan. Isn’t that some kind of a…I don’t know…insider trading kind of a thing? Whoops…” She nearly knocked over her glass of the tripel and blushed. Ian stared at her.
She’s drunk. And as nervous as I am. He smiled, and leaned forward on his elbow, missing the table by a good two inches and smacking his chin on the hard wood surface. “Fuck!” he yelped, cupping his jaw while Hannah laughed so hard tears ran down her face.

Hannah’s heart was pounding, her ears buzzed and her head spun. And while she knew damn good and well she could thank the beers she’d been drinking for the last nearly two hours, she also had to admit that being here, with Ian, so close and having such a great time was turning her on, period. Her body had gone so long without a man’s touch she had gone beyond missing it. Kind of like when you reach that point in a diet where you don’t even really miss food anymore. Not a fun place to be, or healthy, but there it was.
Ian stood and stomped over to the freezer, grabbed a bag of frozen vegetables and put them under his chin. She pointed, snorted, and tried to stop laughing but it was too much. He was so incredible—talented, funny, great with his son, and sexier than any one man had a right to be. She had no business here. She stood, as a burst of anxiety nearly split her in half. Her body tingled in places she had forgotten existed but for their daily functionalities. Her head was starting to hurt. She was terrified and horny in equal measure. “I should go,” she said, looking around for her shoes. Her hair kept falling out of its tie back so she gave up and yanked the flimsy band out and let it tumble around her shoulders. When she stood up and looked at Ian, his mouth was literally hanging open. She grinned, slid her feet into her shoes and started for the kitchen door.
“Wait,” he croaked. “Hannah. Don’t go.”
She turned, slowly, knowing full well the affect she was having. But unsure what to do about it. “I am not going to sleep with you Ian Donovan.”
In a flash he was in her personal space, the frozen food forgotten. His full lips were inches from hers. She gulped. He slid his hand up her arm, fisted his fingers in her hair. He smelled boozy and she knew she did too. “I’m not sleepy,” he whispered. The room did a slightly nauseating one-eighty when his lips met hers. She stood, frozen, let him part her lips with his tongue but couldn’t seem to move her arms. Her body would not cooperate and do the thing she knew she wanted to do—grab him, wrap herself around him. He broke away, his breath ragged and cradled her face in his large hands. “I don’t know what it is about you. I am prepared to screw up a perfectly good, friendly working relationship right now, just to feel your skin against mine. In fact, if that doesn’t happen in the next few minutes I may spontaneously combust.” But he stepped away, hands on his hips, looking down at the floor.
She backed up, stumbling a little when her backside met the counter top. She could sense her nipples pressing the back of her bra. Her thighs trembled and the pulse between her legs matched her heartbeat. She bit her lip. “But…” she said, knowing that with this man, complications would be the name of the game. “Nick.” She said softly, understanding and figuring this for just one more close shot at something special she would miss.


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