A potential lawsuit, apparently.

One of my (must more famous) and beloved romance writer colleagues, whose given name (i.e. NOT a pen name) is Adele DuBois, has been informed she can no longer "be" Adele.  As a blogging member of the Romance Books R Us group I was issued a cease and desist order relative to her (being Adele.)

I had a few things to say about this, as you might imagine. Link to that here. 

Turns out a blogger with the Washington Post had a bit to say as well (and yours truly is referenced given my own funky little run in with my very own professional organization earlier in the week.)

The link to that post is here.

The story may seem ludicrous (trademarking mere words like Realt** or names like Ade**) but true.

Check it out here.

I own a brewery too, as you may or may not know.  I realize how much time and effort and money I have put in to build that brand and if someone popped off with a "Wolverine beer" knock off or whatever just to cash in on what I have done, you bet your butt they'd get slapped with a C&D so fast they'd have to run down the road to catch it.  But this? Not the same thing at all...
make it a good day!
p.s. I did breastfeed my kids until they were about 9 months to a year.  Maintain your sense of humor on this blog. It is a requirement.


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